Jeremy Bojczuk


In case you were wondering, it is pronounced ‘boy–chook’, rhyming with ‘look’, not ‘luck’.


At the last count, there were four Jeremy Bojczuks in the English–speaking world. This website is about this one, not the other three.

This Jeremy Bojczuk was born more than a decade ago. When last heard of, he was still alive.

Educational History and Achievements

Jeremy Bojczuk was educated from an early age. He attended educational institutions, and has taught himself various things, including the skills necessary to build this website.

Intellectual and Sporting Achievements

Jeremy Bojczuk has achieved things: intellectual, sporting and otherwise.

Successes and Failures

Jeremy Bojczuk has succeeded in doing some things, but has so far failed to do others, such as scoring a hat–trick in the FA Cup final or winning an Olympic gold medal.


He has travelled widely, on foot, on a bicycle, on a motorcycle, in an airliner, in a light aircraft, in a helicopter, in a single–decker bus, in a double–decker bus, in a car, in a train, in a car inside a train, in a single–decker underground train, in a double–decker underground train, in a tram, on a ferry, in a rowing boat, and in a hovercraft.

He has not yet travelled on a horse, on an ostrich, on a surfboard, on a unicycle, in a chariot, or on a pogo stick.

Employment History

Jeremy Bojczuk has been employed. When last heard of, he was associated with Lab 99 Web Design.

Wise Sayings

Jeremy Bojczuk has uttered several wise sayings and pithy bons mots, such as: “If you can’t stand the heat, don’t put all your chickens in one kettle of fish.”

Interests and Hobbies

Jeremy Bojczuk has had interests and hobbies. Like most people’s interests and hobbies, they aren’t of much interest to anyone else.

Personal Details

He is aware that once you place your personal details online, you lose control of them. Every piece of information you place online is stored on computers owned by other people. These other people, mostly acting not as individuals but instead under the rules of social institutions, have the power to retain, delete, copy, share, alter and combine those pieces of information, and in almost every case there is nothing you can do about it. As the saying goes: you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Nevertheless, the following personal details have been made available, although readers are warned that at least one of them is untrue:


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